Write a poem.



You’re always their to lend a hand

To listen and to understand
It helps to know you’re by my side
Never judging, full of pride.
You’re ever-ready(never waver)
With a hug, a lift, a favour
a chat, a loan, a joke, a smile
You always go the extra mile.
You’re an oak, a rock, a beam
The centre forward of our team
A coach, a mentor and good sport
An inspiration and support.
So thank you Dad for all you do
And mostly, thanks for being you.

                   I want with you forever.


My daily life at kish.

I entered the first at the age of 8 years old.KISH gave me so much knowledge.

I am here only school is here,I don’t have had gone here now a famous school was like a school.

At first, I felt uncomfortable, because KISH was with vietnamese school so i don’t like them and so uncomfortable.But now I am new to school.

When I was 6th grade,I think the most interesting thing is go to the nha trang with my friends.I want go there one more time.

I want study forever in KISH.



Sewol ship disaster


I think from 2014 04 16 Sewol ship is hot issues.Because it is very sad news and dead a lot of students.So I will  describe for Sewol ship.

Sewol ship was sank in 2014-04-16, but President didn’t do anything,and citizen will be angry.And dead students family is so sad and angry,and Sewol ship captain did escape alone.He did  life imprisonment in the prison.He is so bad.

So my reaction is very bad and angry and I feel so bad.However I thank you for marine police.

I think this news is reaction. Because there is no more important news than this.

So I think this news is remember forever….


About me

You Min Seo 8-1 #25

Hello,my name is You Min Seo.I live Vietnam Hanoi,I live 10 years in Hanoi.I studying in Korean International School.I like this country because I live Hanoi 5 years went Hanoi.But before very dirty and not good after, than 10 years very good place and have high building.

I like Vietnam food,for example pho,buncha have many food.

I have many Korean friend in my school.I studied grade 1 in KISH.

I like P.E and play game with friend.I really like P.E!

But June in Hanoi,very hot and feel so bad.I don’t like very hot.here very hot in June,July….October.In June I play soccer in outside,After 10 minutes I back home.Because very hot in June.

So I think Hanoi have good thing and bad thing.